How to Be Mentally Tough Without Losing Your Emotional Intelligence

These days, emotional and mental toughness are twisted together, so we must learn our key triggers and find out exactly why we feel mentally beat. Once we know our weak points, they become our strengths. Since there are dozens of areas and subjects to discuss on this important topic, I wanted to take time to address one of the biggest one’s I personally feel is affecting more people than anything else currently... Read More

The Social Media Comparison/Jealousy Trap and How to Avoid It/

We all do it… whether its at our jobs, hanging out with friends or scrolling through social media. It’s a habit that’s becoming very unhealthy and can hurt your progress in business and within your personal life. I believe one of our biggest “comparing” moments comes to lifestyles and wealth, especially online. We watch our friends going on over the top vacations, while traveling on private jets to hearing people talk about all the amazing things happening. Here is PINCH LIST’s top three tips for avoiding falling into that trap... Read More

How to Take a PINCH of Success for Yourself

You can buy all the books. You can buy into all the celebrity wantrepreneurs, social media paid ads. You can even follow all those entrepreneurs who basically brainwash you into “buy my course” thinking. If you follow these methods, you will be a millionaire just like them and you can even choose to waste your hard-earned paychecks on seminars. Or, and I strongly recommend this method, you can start to trust yourself and your vision... Read More

The Pinch List: Top 6 Social Media Musts

Today is very different than ten years ago and being an entrepreneur means you are not only your CEO, but also your PR team, marketing team and most importantly your Social Media Squad. My top 6 Social Media Musts I’ve dubbed THE PINCH LIST — I think every new entrepreneur needs to pay attention to... Read More